Zayo Teams With Netflix On Internet Exchange

Boulder-based bandwidth provider Zayo Group, via its zColo colocation division, is in an effort with Netflix on a new Internet Exchange in Florida. According to Zayo Group, it is one of the founding members of the new Florida Internet Exchange (FL-IX), a nonprofit which will help provide connectivity in Florida, to help connect Miami with the South Eastern U.S. and Latin American markets. The new exchange will reside in zColo's data center in Miami. The companies said the new facility is aimed at improving connectivity in the area. Internet Exchanges are used by internet service providers (ISPs) to exchange traffic between their networks, and are typically used to improve traffic flow in areas. Zayo said other members of the group include Akamai, CloudFlare and The companies say they hope to provide an alternative to NAP of the Americas. Netflix is estimated to estimated to generate around 34 percent of all U.S. internet traffic at peak times.


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