Utah Court Limits SCO Case

IBM was handed a positive ruling in its dispute Wednesday against Lindon, Utah-based SCO. The court granted IBM a motion to limit SCO's Claims Relating to Allegedly Misused Material, saying in a ruling that SCO has failed in part to meet the level of specificity required by the court's orders. The ruling, which was issued by Judge Brooke Wells of U.S. District Court Central Division District of Utah, found that SCO has not provided enough information in details of the case. At issue is the specific source code which SCO is suing IBM over. Wells said in the ruling "if an individual was stopped and accused of shoplifting after walking out of Neiman Marcus they would expect to be eventually told what they allegedly stole. It would be absurd for an officer to tell the accused that "you know what you stole Iím not telling.' " The suit has been ongoing since March of 2003.