University of Colorado: 13 New Startups In 2015

The University of Colorado has released its annual technology transfer report, saying that it helped advance 13 new startups companies in its last fiscal year. The company says that, since it started keeping track in 1994, it has now helped to create 155 companies, who have created an estimated 500 jobs. The University said that 25 companies who were created based on technology developed at CU raised over $100M in funding during its fiscal 2014-2015 year, including funding rounds for InDevR, Globeimmune, MiRagen Therapeutics, Flashback, BiOptix, and Endoshape. Of the 155 companies created out of the school, 23 have been acquired by public companies, 9 have had their own IPO, and 114 companies are still in existence. The report covered startup activity out of the entire CU system, including Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, and the Anschutz Medical Campus. Photo of UC Boulder via J Iannone@Flickr.