TrackVia Launches New Feature, Pricing

Denver-based TrackVia, which develops an online platform for building business applications, said today that it has launched a new product, TrackVia DIYForms, which allows users to easily create customized forms within their applications. The firm also said it has swizzled its pricing, adding a new free, community-based version of its products. TrackVia's new DIYForms app makes it easier for users to create customized forms for their apps via a click-and-point interface. In terms of pricing, TrackVia said it will offer up a free "community" plan, which will allow users to try out the software; the free plan includes up to five users, a single app, and up to two thousand records. The company also released new tiers of pricing for its paid plans, ranging from a professional, individual plan for $35 per month to an enterprise plan for $1,999 per month. TrackVia is headed by Pete Khanna.