Techtonic Ties With Workforce Boulder County On Unique Software Training

In a fairly unconventional approach to bolstering what has been a shortage of software engineers in a booming technology market, Boulder, Colorado-based Techtonic Group launched a new effort this week to specifically train the underserved, unemployed, and military veterans for software engineering careers. The company said it has launched a new effort with Workforce Boulder County, to provide career opportunities to those groups, paying them a salary while pairing them with senior developers, to gain coding experience on real projects. The Techtonic Academy--which has been running since 2014--said not only does it train participants on software skills, but also "soft skills" such as working on teams, appropriate office attire and demeanor and general project and personal management. The company says its program specifically is looking for underprivileged youth and military veterans to participate in the career program.


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