Techstars: The Program, The TV Show, and Now, The Store

Boulder-based TechStars, the venture accelerator, is currently among the hottest trends in entrepreneurship to hit the Rocky Mountain region, if not the nation. The accelerator--run by David Cohen--even has its own television show, "TechStars" on Bloomberg TV, and is closely watched for the promising startups coming out of its doors. However, that popularity has resulted in highly coveted spots for its programs, meaning not everyone gets in that wants to. However, for those who didn't get into TechStars, didn't get to participate in the accelerator's demo days, or gain any seed funding: you can now at least look like you're part of TechStars, by buying custom Techstars T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and stickers. TechStars said today that it has launched its own, online store featuring its custom merchandise, plus the two books linked to the accelerator, Do More Faster and Venture Deals.