TechStars Launches New Cloud Accelerator Effort

Boulder-based TechStars has launched a new accelerator program, in an effort with cloud hosting firm RackSpace, the two said today. According to the two, they are launching a cloud computing focused accelerator--TechStars Cloud--in San Antonio, Texas, which will use apply the TechStars program concept to cloud computing startups. The effort, according to Rackspace, is the first, thematic accelerator to focus on cloud computing. The effort is different than TechStars prior efforts, which have been geographically focused. According to Rackspace, the new Techstars program will be based in San Antonio--the home of the firm--and will accept applications until November 2nd; the program will run from January to April 2012. Details of the relationship between Rackspace and TechStars were not announced.