SuiteHop: Tough Luck On Most Super Bowl Suites

Looking to get into the Super Bowl on Sunday in Phoenix, but still don't have a ticket? Be ready to shell out a pretty penny for last minute tickets, which currently start at $9,287 on Ticketmaster. Wish you instead could grab a luxury suite? If you can find one, expect to pay between $270,000 and $375,000, due to a very small supply of in the University of Phoenix Stadium, according to Denver's Suitehop. Suitehop, which operates an online booking platform for suites, said the market for tickets and suites at the Super Bowl was "unprecedently strong" this year, due to a drop from 218 suites in 2014 to less than 100, which mostly went to NFL sponsors. Suitehop had just one suite listed this morning for the Super Bowl--a club level, midfield suite going for $400,000. SuiteHop is led by Todd Lindenbaum.


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