Sphero's Women + Tech Advice To Women: Learn To Code, Kick Butt and Take Names

Boulder-based Sphero is on a mission to highlight some of the women in technology, with its first spotlight--its own Senior Director of Marketing, Claire Tindall--saying that she'd tell a younger self to "learn how to code", saying that the gender imbalance today in technology is "a supply problem". In the first in a series of profiles by Sphero, Tindall said that "Tech's gender imbalance is simply a supply problem - there are not enough females pursuing careers in computer science related fields. " Sphero said it is highlighting five women over the next few weeks to call attention to women in the technology industry, who the firm says are helping to level the playing field for women in the techology field. Sphero--along with such other local groups as the Techstars Foundation--are looking to make the tech industry more attractive to women.