Sphero Dangles Rewards For Apps

In a bid to spur development of more apps for its robotic ball, Boulder-based Sphero said Tuesday that it has rolled out a new App Bounty program which will award prizes and cash to developers, for bringing specific game ideas to life. Sphero said the effort came after succes of its Sphero Hack Tour last summer.

Sphero's App Bounty page currently includes three applications the company would like to see developed, with rewards of $3,000 for one app and $1,000 each for the other two; the company said it will be growing that list and that prizes are "only going to get better". Sphero's robotic ball has long differentiated itself from other platforms in its widespread support for developers and its API support. Sphero said it now has more than 20 apps available to download that use its API and the Sphero itself.


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