Sparkfun Starts Carrying Kit To Let You Build Your Own Laptop

Niwot, Colorado-based Sparkfun, which offers up a wide range of products for electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists, makers, and others, has started carrying the new Pi-top build-your-own laptop kit, the company told its customers today. Sparkfun was offering up the kit for $264.95, letting its customers create their very own laptop computer, using the Raspberry Pi computer as the base for our own laptop with a 13.3 inch screen and keyboard. The kit is actually developed by London-based Pi-Top, which also makes a similiar, desktop-version of its kit called the pi-topCEED. Sparkfun provides a wide range of kits and parts for hobbyists, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and many other technology products. The company gives tours on Friday at 3pm to local customers, and also lets users pick up orders in person at its new site in Niwot.