SnowGate Debuts Lockers To Protect Your Ski Gear

If you're like most skiers and snowboarders, leaving your brand new ski gear or snowboard out on those resort racks can sometime be a nerve wracking experience--you're never sure if it will be there when you get back, and you're not sure if folks are going to walk off with your stuff by accident--or on purpose. To that end, Louisville-based SnowGate said this week that it has launched a brand new product, a self-service locker specifically designed not just for your clothing, helmets, and other tsuff--but also which can handle skis, poles, and boards. The startup company, which is headed by Cory Finney, said it is hoping to get its new lockers into Colorado ski resorts in the 2013-14 season, although it has yet to announce a win. The firm's new products use a touch-screen, LCD user interface and RFID to let users rent its lockers; the firm said it is leveraging technology from KIOSK Information Systems for its products.