SkyeTek Adds Security Features

Westminster, Colorado-based SkyeTek has added new security features for its RFID readers, the company announced today. SkyeTek said that it has added AES and SHA encryption for its RFID systems. The firm said that its architecture now implements Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) , DES and Triple-DES, and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) and MD5 to protect against RFID tag tampering and counterfeiting. The new features are available in SkyeTek's new reader modules, the M2 HF and M9 UHF modules. The firm said that the M2 is available now, and the M9 will begin shipments later this month. The features come as RFID tags have come under increasing scrutiny by security experts, who have been able to demonstrate widespread ability to alter, clone, tamper with, and hack existing, non-encrypted RFID chips.