SCO Releases Results, Posts Loss

Lindon, Utah-based SCO released its results yesterday, saying that it had revenues of $7.1M for the second quarter of fiscal year 2006. The company lost $4.6M for the quarter. That compared with $9.26M in the comparable quarter last year, and a loss of $1.9M in Q2 of 2005. SCO said that the increase in net loss was attributed to competitive pressure on the company's UNIX products, and legal expenses from its litigation with IBM. SCO said that its legal expenses totaled $3,762,000 for the second quarter. SCO has been embroiled in a lawsuit with IBM and others over rights to Linux and Unix operating systems. SCO claims that Linux operating systems contain proprietary Unix source code that belongs to the firm, and has been pursuing companies for licensing fees. SCO reported it earned $34,000 on those Unix operating system licenses in the quarter.