Rocky Mountain Companies Q3 Venture Capital Totals Around $340M

Rocky Mountain companies raised around $340.2M in Q3, down a bit from the $648M raised in the region last quarter, according to an analysis of proprietary venture capital database.

According to our analysis, around $183M of that investment was in Colorado--mostly in unannounced fundings picked up through regulatory filings--with $93M in Utah, and around $42M in Arizona, with the rest spread elsewhere in the region. Techrockies tracks day-by-day venture capital funding, with data from companies announcing funding; self-reported by both technology companies and venture firms; as well as regulatory filings and other sources.

Among the bigger deals in the quarter was $17.45M invested in Utah's Control4, $16.8M in Salt Lake's Sparxent, and Coherex Medical, also of Salt Lake, which raised $16.5M.