Report: Robots Already Taking Over For Human Workers Around The World

A new report, out from IHS Markit, the market analysis and information firm which until recently was headquartered out of Englewood, Colorado, has issued a report saying that professional services robots are increasingly doing the jobs formerly handled by human workers. IHS said that robots are replacing workers in the agriculture industry, logistics, medical and care, and domestic help. The company said it tallied up $2.5 billion in revenues from the sales of professional robots--which are doing everything from seeding, planting and harvesting plants, to replacing warehouse workers for companies such as IHS--which regularly makes market growth estimates--said demand for robots is strong in North America, Europe, and especially the Asia-Pacific Market. IHS did not make any commentary on the social impact of the move to replace human workers with robots; such companies as Uber and Lyft have even said they hope to replace their drivers with robots, sooner rather than later. IHS merged with Markit in March, and moved its headquarters to London, although it continues to have significant operations in Denver.