Report Details High Tech Employment

A report released today by the AeA, a high tech industry trade group, has detailed high tech employment in the region, showing the Denver/Boulder area with the most concentration of high tech jobs in 2006, the latest data available. According to the AeA's Cybercities 2008 report, Boulder/Denver employed 111,100 people in the high tech industry, with 80,500 of those workers in Denver, and 30,500 in Boulder. The report found that Boulder had the second highest concentration of technology employment in the nation--nearly a quarter of the private sector workforce employed by high tech firms. Phoenix had the next highest number of high tech jobs in the area, with 91,400 employed in the high tech industry in 2006, followed by the Salt Lake City area, with 34,300 jobs. Boise, the only other Rocky Mountain state detailed in the Cybercities report, had 20,800 people employed in high tech.