Radish Systems Joins Colorado Entrepreneurs Foundation

The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, the effort which seeks to get startup entrepreneurs to give back to the local community by pledging their future success with local nonprofits, has signed up a new company, Radish Systems. According to Radish Systems, which is headed by Theresa Szcuzurek, it is one of fity other Front Range companies participating in the effort. Radish Systems is a devleoper of software-as-a-service, cloud based telephony software, used to share graphics with people they are chatting with on mobile devices.

The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado was started in 2007, allocating equity or a percentage of their profits in startups specifically for nonprofits, with the idea that as those companies that reach a successful exit (via an acquisition or IPO), they've already pledged part of their success to local nonprofit organizations. The list of participating companies is a Who's Who of Boulder startups. The group saw a notable exit at Jive Softare (via its acquisition of Filtrbox).