Prima-Temp Launches Wireless Fertility Sensor With $3M In Funding

Boulder, Colorado-based Prima-Temp, a new startup developing women's fertility sensors, said late Wednesday that it has launched a new, wireless fertility sensor which helps women pinpoint their fertile window, which is a key to successful pregnancy. The startup, led by Dr. Lauren Constantini, said that it will be launching its first product, Priya, on IndieGoGo today. The company says its wireless sensor helps monitor a woman's core body temperature to help pinpoint a woman's most fertile window. The company says it has raised over $3M in funding for its product. Boulder appears to be the center of the world for fertility tracking apps and devices, with at least one other startup--Kindara--also making its home in the city, andh Boulder-based TechStars is also in the business, as an investor in another, fertility tracking app developer, Ovuline.