Prescient Completes Project For Hyatt

Arvada, Colorado-based Prescient, a private equity backed startup which is using software design and other technology efforts to streamline the construction of commercial and other buildings, said it has helped to complete a project in Lakewood, Colorado, for Hyatt Hotels. Prescient said its system was selected by Continuum Partners, to help complete the Hyatt House Belmar. Continuum Partners said Prescient was selected because its system was faster to erect than other options, and was cost effective and competitive with traditional, wood framing. Prescient says it uses a combination of preassembled posts, trusses and panels to provide very rapid assembly of projects. The company said the Hyatt project was erected in only seven weeks. Prescient is backed by private equity investor Kanusul Investments Pte. Ltd., and is led by Satyen Patel.