Pluralsight: Instructor Becomes Millionaire Through Its Training Site

Who knew that online teaching could be so lucrative? Salt Lake City-based IT and web training service Pluralsight reports today that one of its online educators has made more than $1.8 million in teaching fees and royalties. According to Pluralsight, programming instructor Scott Allen earned that $1.8 million in teaching fees and royalties from the service since 2008, and is on track to earn $1M in 2013 alone--all for offering up his teaching talent on computer and Web programming. Pluralsight said that the firm's top five instructors average more than $400,000 in royalties each year for their training videos. The company said its instructors, on average, make more than $40,000 in royalties each year. Pluralsight is venture backed by Insight Venture Partners, and recently raised $27.5M in a Series A funding.