Newsgator Warily Eyes Google+

It looks like Denver-based Newsgator, the provider of social business networking software, is eyeing some possible competition from a big competitor: Google. Based on a blog post from Newsgator Wednesday, comparing its own offering to Google+, it sounds like Newsgator is fielding some questions from its users about Google+ as an alternative to its products. Newsgator said it has been "integrating multiple social network capabilities into one efficient stream long before Google+" and that, unlike the highly hyped Google effort, its customers have "tangible business results to show for it." Luckily for Newsgator, however, so far Google is not offering up Google+ to enterprises, and also does not support the use of the new social networking service via its enterprise offering, Google Apps. In fact, users of corporate Google Apps email accounts have complained that they are unable to join the Google+ service at all, and have been forced to create different, non-company email accounts to simply try out the service.