NewsGator Kicks Off Wildfire Relief Effort

Denver-based software firm NewsGator, along with Foundry's Brad Feld have kicked off an effort to help provide aid to victims of the ongoing Colorado wildfires, via a new effort on Crowdwise. According to NewsGator it has set up a Crowdwise campaign, Help Colorado Now, the help raise money for victims. The new campaign will match individuals' contributions to raise money from victims. The effort already has $20,000 from Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor and their Anchor Point Fund, and NewsGator said it hopes to recruit other companies in Colorado to commit a total of $1M in matching funds. The wildfires have hit Colorado's high tech community directly, with the fires destroying homes of many employees of local high tech firms, and the Waldo Canyon fire raging essentially at the doorstep of the high tech business parks in Colorado Springs. Those affected included HP's huge laboratory, datacenter, and other facilities on Rockrimmon Boulevard, which were evacuated Thursday under immediate threat of being destroyed by the Waldo Canyon fire.