Needle Rolls Out Responsive Design For Mobile

Needle, which provides pre-sales, customer support and advocates for brands and e-commerce sites, said today that it has launched a new, responsive mobile design for its tools. The Salt Lake City-based company said its tools are now serving up a responsive interface to handle any kind of device that a user might be using--whether a desktop, tablet, or smartphone--to help engage with customers for real-time sales conversations. Responsive mobile design is a popular technique which adapts websites to match the type of device a user might be using, so that no matter if they use a desktop, tablet, or smartphone they still get a great user experience. Needle said its platform will serve up responsive interfaces to help make its brand and product advocates available on any platform. Needle's service helps find people who are passionate about a brand and product, and makes them available to help consumers who might be interested in knowing more about a product.