Mozy Merges Into New Firm

EMC, the parent firm of Utah-based data storage service Mozy, said today that it has merged Mozy with a new company. According to EMC, Mozy has been merged with another business to create a firm, Decho Corp., that will focus on helping consumers manage and protect their digital identities. EMC, a manufacturer of data storage hardware and software, said the new firm combines two formerly separate EMC businesses, Mozy Inc. and Pi Corp. EMC acquired Pi in February. It purchased Mozy from Berkeley Data Systems in October 2007. Mozy is based in American Fork, Utah. EMC said Decho—a contraction of "digital echo"—will offer consumers and businesses the established Mozy-branded online backup service while also introducing a cloud-based service for individuals. Impact of Mozy's Utah operations was not disclosed.