Monnit Debuts Wireless Sensor Line

Kaysville, Utah-based Monnit, the new wireless sensor firm headed by Brad Walters, the former CEO and Chairman of Maxstream, said today that it has launched ten low cost wireless sensors. The firm said its new line of sensors are aimed at both commercial and consumer applications, starting at around $30.00 per sensor. The company's wireless sensors include temperature, water detection, light intensity, magentic detection, open/close sensors, and more. The firm said the sensors are aimed at applications such as monitoring temperatures for large commercial coolers and freezers in grocery stores and convenience stores, detecting the presence of water near water heaters and toilets in residential homes and apartment buildings, detecting the presence of dogs and other animals in hotel rooms and rental properties or light exposure to high-value art in art galleries and other light sensitive materials. Monnit said it plans additional sensor releases in Q1 and Q2 of 2011. Walters headed up MaxStream until its acquisition back in 2006 for $38.5M by Digi international, a hugely successful exit for Canopy Ventures, which only invested $1M in MaxStream in total before its acquisition.