Micron Delivers New Solid State Storage

Boise, Idaho-based Micron Technology is expanding into the PCI Express, solid state storage market, saying this week it has rolled out a new portfolio of systems using the interface. The firm said its RealSSD P320h solid-state drive (SSD) series is aimed at enterprise applications like cloud computing, high-performance computing, data analytics, business intelligence, and video on demand. Micron's new PCI Express SSDs fall into the same space as Salt Lake City-based Fusion-io's flash storage devices. Micron is using its own, 34-nanometer single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory technology, which is available in 350 gigabyte and 700 gigabyte capacities; the firm said its device clocks in at 750,000 IOPS read and 341,000 IOPS write speeds.