mediaFORGE Takes On Widget Advertising

Salt Lake City, Utah-based mediaFORGE launched a new interactive advertising platform focused on new media "widgets" yesterday, saying that its product will allow users to interactive with banner advertising campaigns. The firm, which is backed by Prospector Equity Capital and Gazelle Investments, said that its widget distribution platform will allow visitors to roll over banner ads and interact with the content. The firm said that is using the firm's widgets as part of its online banner campaigns, allowing viweres to mouse over up-to-the-minute deals on the site. Other firms using its widget include Skullcandy and SinglesNet. The firm said it has received $1.5M in a Series A investment in July of 2006. The firm's Chairman is Greg Warnock of Gazelle, who also sites on the boards of AVinti, BioMicro Systems, Cymphonix and MediConnect.