MapQuest Adds New Language Support, Embedded Maps

Denver-based MapQuest, the online mapping site of AOL, announced today that it has made another round of updates to the firm's services. According to MapQuest, the updated site now adds additional language support, ability to embed maps within other websites, and to send data to GPS devices. Among the changes, the firm said it now offers English, Spanish, German, French and Canadian French support on its U.S. and Canada sites; a way for users to cut, copy, and paste HTML code to embed MapQuest maps within their own web pages; and ability to send information to GPS devices. MapQuest has been on a major push to update the site and features in the last few months, including a rebranding in June, an iPhone application, route planning features, and more. No reason for the renewed push on the mapping site have been announced, although the firm has seen some major competition from giants Google, with its Google Maps product, and Microsoft, with Bing, in the last few years.