MapQuest Adds Favorites, Pins To iPhone

Denver-based MapQuest announced two new features for its iPhone application today, even as Google and Apple continue to tussle over the mapping features of Apple's new iOS 6. MapQuest said it added a new "Favorites" feature which allows users to store locations for later access, as well as the ability to "drop" a pin onto any map to mark a location. The Favorites feature lets users keep locations for use later, such as home, work, or a hotel. The pin features serve a simliar purpose, letting users specify a location for directions, even without having an actual address. MapQuest has been hoping to gain some converts to its iPhone application, after a widely panned move by Apple to use another data source other than Google in its latest operating system update; Apple also removed the automatic installation of the popular YouTube application on its OS, as competition between iOS and Google's Android has continued to heat up relations between the companies.


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