MapQuest A New Mapping Contender?

It looks like Denver-based MapQuest is re-emerging as a contender for the mapping and navigation market, and is starting to get noticed for its steady improvements and focus on making its mapping and navigation site better than the competition. MapQuest--which is owned by AOL--was named as a new contender in the segment in an article and review Thursday distributed by the Associated Press. The mention is probably one of the first, after the firm lost the attention span and lead in innovation when both Google and Bing entered the mapping space in 2005. MapQuest has quietly been rebuildling its technology base and thought leadership in the last year, after a complete revamp kicked off in April of last year, which included hiring to boost its development team, new mobile apps for both Android and iPhone, neighborhood pages, support for HTML5, a new set of mobile APIs, and many more efforts to bring the company's mapping services back to the forefront.