Lost And Find Me Puts QR Codes On You, Your Children, Your Grandparents

Most smartphone users nowadays are familiar with or have heard of QR codes, those 3D barcodes which you can scan with your phone and get more information on products, bands, companies, and more. But, how about using those same QR codes on your pets, yourself, your children, or your grandparents?

A Santa Fe, New Mexico-based startup Lost And Find Me said today that it has launched a suite of products which does exactly that, so that you can find lost people, lost pets, and lost valuables through a QR code. Lost And Find Me is providing QR code printed wristbands, dogtags, and more which link to important information, such as contact information, emergency contact details, and more. The firm is marketing its QR code service to parents, the elderly, and even mountain bikers, as a way for first responders to get information and emergency contact from bicyclists.