Looking For A Hot Date? Area Universities Rank High On Tinder Analysis

Tinder, the mobile dating app developer which has become very popular with those looking for a hot date, has ranked the top 50 schools where users have "swiped right" on potential dates--with a surprising number in local technology markets across the region. Tinder--which says it ranked schools which had the most number of "right swipes" for both men and women, ranked Brigham Young University as number two in the nation for males who received "right swipes" from women, and the Air Force Academy as number 5. On the female side, the University of Colorado Boulder was ranked number 4 for swipes by males; Colorado State Unversity was number 6, Boise State University was number 7, and the University of Arizona was number 9. It's unclear why so many universities in the region were so highly ranked for desirable females, but school in the region had four out of the top ten "right swipe" rankings for females.