Limelight, Akamai Reach Deal In Patent Payment

Tempe, Arizona-based Limelight Networks said today that it has reached a deal with Akamai, which will allow it to operate its network free of restrictions or future risk of infringement of a patent owned by Akamai. Limelight--which had owed $51M to Akamai over a patent infringement suit--said it has converted that $51M judgement into a three year, $54 million license to Akamai. That new licnse will be paid in 12 equal, quarterly installments starting today. The deal allows Limelight to spread out the payments owed to Akamai, and avoid future patent infringement issues, according to the company. The two companies have been fighting over that judgement and through appeals since 2008, and have a separate, different patent case currently in the courts.


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