LDS.Biz Launches Social Networking Site

Salt Lake City-based, a new social networking site with a focus on members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said today that it has launched. The site--which says it is open to anyone who shares similar morals and beliefs--says it is hoping to connect people with common values, to network in both business and personal relationships. The site was started by David Bradford, who was the former CEO of solid state disk drive firm Fusion-io, and also has been an executive at Novell. The new site includes job posting sites, video conferencing features, discussions groups focused on finance, legal, marketing, sales, angel investment, and more, as well as question and answer features. The company's web site says that the service leverages the cohesiveness of the Mormon community to build lasting relationships, and also include endorsements from Greg Butterfield of SageCreek Partners, Peter Vidmar of USA Gymnasics, and Lew Cramer of the World Trade Center.