Kindara Raises $1.25M Plus For Fertility Tracking Device, Software

Boulder, Colorado-based Kindara, a startup developing the Wink, a device which allows women to very accurately track their fertility cycle using their smartphone, disclosed this week that it has raised $1.25M in funding, and raised over $50,000 in pre-sales of its product. The company said the funding came from SOS Ventures, Vast Ventures, Drummond Road Capital, and various angel investors. Kindara also said it has already reached $50,000 in presales of the Wink, which incorporates a basal body temperature thermometer which lets women track their fertility cycle--either th the goal of getting pregnant, or to avoid getting pregnant. Kindara had already been offering up an app to help women track their fertility and cycles, relying on women to document their own natural cycles. The company said it has helped over 35,000 women get pregnant, and more than 500,000 women avoid pregnancy naturally.