JumpCloud Connects Into Google Apps

Boulder-based JumpCloud, the cloud-based, venture-backed startup offering up cloud-based directory and identification management services, said this week that it has integrated Google Apps into its cloud-based directory services. The company's software--which provides a "directory" for IT administrators similar to Active Directory and LDAP, but running in the cloud--says that the support allows IT administrators to manage access to Google Apps users accounts. The company said that previously, IT admins had to manually manage access to Google Apps, or had to use an on-premise install of Microsoft Active Directory to accomplish the same control. JumpCloud is venture backed by Foundry Group and Bullet Time Ventures, and was founded and is led by Rajat Bhargava. Directory software--like LDAP and Active Directory--is used by companies to globally manage user permissions, and typically links access to different corporate software and systems to an employee's information, status, department, or other parameters.