Intelliden Gets Patent

Colorado Springs-based Intelliden has scored another two patents for its product, the company said yesterday. Intelliden said that it received two patents for a "system and method for configuring a network device" and its "network configuration manager", two core technologies for its software. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, patent 6,978,301 which described configuration of network devices, was granted in December of 2005 to Glen Tindal, and was filed in 2001. Patent 7,150,037, "Network configuration manager" names Jonathan S. Wolf, Arthur B. Mellor, Wayne E. Tackabury, Christopher B. Anderson, Robin M. Whitworth, Michael D. Haag, and Brian A. Del Vecchio as inventors. That patent was granted on December 12 of 2006, and was originally filed in June of 2001. Intelliden says it now has more than 30 granted and pending patents.