Infinite Power Solutions Claims Breakthrough

Littleton, Colorado-based Infinite Power Solutions, the venture backed developer of thin-film, rechargeable battery technology, is claiming a breakthrough today, saying it has successfully demonstrated its battery technology, aimed at replacing conventional lithium-ion batteries. The firm said it has demonstrated "record-breaking" energy storage capacity for its thin-film battery. The firm said it is able to achieve a capacity density of 1.25mAh/cm2, and has plans to achieve a density of 2.5mAh/cm2 which it says would be a 25 percent increase in energy density over today's lithium ion cells. Infinite power Solutions recently closed a $10M, Series D funding round from Generation Investment Management, D. E. Shaw Ventures, Polaris Venture Partners and Core Capital Partners, Applied Ventures, In-Q-Tel, and strategic investors.


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