Idea2 Launches App, SLINGR, To Manage Slack Data, Actions

Denver-based Idea2, a developer of business automation tools, said it has lauched a new app, to help users of Slack manage data from the popular business communication tool. Idea2 said it has launched b>SLINGR, an app which helps teams catch important notes and action items in their Slack stream. Slack is a popular business communications tool, which provides a social stream-like interface to business items (think Facebook, but for your internal business communications). Idea2 said it create the "bot" to automatically collect actio items and other data for businesses out of Slack communications--which, like personal social networking--can often become a flood of data, resulting in what Idea2 called "chat overload". The app is currently free, but the company says it intends to provide per-user pricing in the future. Idea2 is led by Grace Schroeder.


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