Green House Data Courts Front Range

Cheyenne, Wyoming-based Green House Data, a provider of a "green" data center, is hoping that customer in the Denver area will find the firm's use of reneweable energy--and low prices--attractive, as the firm expands into the Denver area. According to Green House Data's CEO, Shawn Mills, the firm just opened up a new office in downtown Denver, in a bid to attract customers on the front range. In an interview with Techrockies, Mills said that the firm sources 100 percent of its power from renewable wind energy, sourced from a data center just outside Cheyenne, supplemented by renewable energy credits purchased from the company's local power company. Green House Data offers colocation at a 10,000 square foot facility in Cheyenne. Mills said that the firm also has invested in efficient cooling, which is 10 percent more efficient that traditional data center cooling.