Google Details Economic Impact Across States

Search engine giant Google is trumpeting its impact on the economy this week, and has released a state-by-state assessment of its economic impact on states. According to Google, in its study released Tuesday, it had an overall, $54 billion impact on the United States, based on usage of its search and advertising tools. Among the region, Arizona ranked tops in terms of economic impact from Google, with $1.2 billion and 36,000 Arizona businesses using its services, followed by Colorado with $880 million and 36,000 Colorado businesses. Utah was third with $645 million and 22,000 businesses using its services. Google also released results for the remainder of the region, including for Idaho ($72M, 8000 businesses), Montana ($48M, 4000 businesses), New Mexico ($41M, 6000), and Wyoming ($24M, 2000 businesses).