TOP NEWS Taps Into Podcasting

Scottsdale, Arizona-based domain name registrar and web host has jumped on the podcasting bandwagon, announcing today with San Francisco-based PodShow that it will provide network-wide sponsorship of PodShow's Podcast Network. will provide web, audio, and video spots on the network, which will also feature audio and video endorsement by hosts on PodShow's most popular shows. The move is one of the first by an advertiser into the nascent podcasting industry, where individuals have created their own, downloadable audio shows that can be heard via computer or portable devices such as Apple's iPod. PodShow is one of a number of new startups trying to capitalize on the podcasting craze, and trying to develop advertising and revenue for the new medium. The move comes a week after Menlo Park-based PodTech raised $5.5M for its efforts to develop its own distribution network for podcasts.