GoDaddy Rolls Out Tinder For Startup Ideas, Flare

Are you an entrepreneur, wishing you could get some user feedback on if your new idea for a startup or product makes sense? Scottsdale, Arizona-based GoDaddy has just rolled out an interesting new, mobile app, which essentially looks like a "Tinder" for startup ideas. GoDaddy said its new Flare mobile app--which is available on iOS--is a social network that connects entrepreneurs to fellow entrepreneurs, potential consumers, investors and experts and creates community around new ideas. The new app lets users view different startup ideas, and swipe right and left depending on if they like--or don't like--an idea. In a nod to such mobile apps as Snapchat, Flare's business ideas "disappear" if they don't get enough support in 24 hours, and lets users help provide feedback and ideas back to entrepreneurs.