GoDaddy Ramps Up Outreach To Women

Scottsdale, Arizona-based GoDaddy, which has been on a mission in the past few years to reshape its reputation and image as a small business- and female-friendly company--is continuing its outreach to women, saying today that "gender diversity matters" and that it is looking to attract more women to the company. GoDaddy said the company has been striving towards "closing the gender gap" at the company since CEO Blake Irving took over two years ago. GoDaddy said that so far, it has doubled the number of women interns and graduate hires at the company, although women stil only account for 20 percent of its technical workforce. GoDaddy says those numbers are still "far below" its ultimate goal, and has embarked on employee training on bias and other efforts. GoDaddy has been in a major shift in its image and attitude in the market, having recently dropped its NASCAR sponsorship, partnerships with a women's technology group, the appointment of a woman to its board, along with other efforts. The remake comes after years and years of a reputation for racy, sexist Super Bowl ads. Silicon Valley and other technology companies have come under serious fire in the last year for a growing gender gap within those companies.