Fusion-io Backs Everest Effort

Salt Lake City-based flash-based storage provider Fusion-io is funding a climb of Mount Everest, the firm said today, by Nelson Dellis, who is climbing the famed mountain to gain awareness for Alzheimer's disease. Fusion-io said it is working with Dellis to showcase his charity, Climb for Memory, as he attempts to summit Mt. Everest this year. Dellis apparently nearly made it to the summit in 2011, stopping 280 feet short due to an oxygen tank malfunction. Fusion-io did not say how much it was investing in the effort. The firm has linked its efforts to a study being run with Dellis on memory and recall at altitude, letting people in their living room test their memory skills against Dellis as he climbs. According to the Times of India, over 400 climbers on average climb Everest every year.


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