Foundry Group Raising New, $225M Fund

There's no doubt in the region that Boulder-based Foundry Group has become one of the most dominant funds in the region in recent years--and it looks like that's not about to stop. The fund has filed paperwork with the SEC, which says it is raising $225M in a new, venture capital fund called Foundry Group Select Fund. The venture investors hasn't released any information on the new fund, but the filing indicates the group has already raised $218M in the fund from 20 investors. The new fund comes on top of an earlier, $225M fund it just raised in September. Foundry has risen to become one of the most active, and high profile funds located in the region, due to some major exits (Zynga, etc.), its involvement in TechStars, and the high profile of General Partner Brad Feld, a frequent blogger and technology celebrity.