FitBionic Finds $2.2M For Prosthetic Feet

Boulder-based FitBionic has raised $2.2M in a funding round, to go towards development of prosthetic feet for amputees. FitBionic said the funding was led by KMG Capital Partners, and also included High Country Venture and the Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development (CID4). The firm said the funds will go to launch its first product, its FitBionic Foot, which provides a more lifelike experience to amputees. FitBionic says its goal is to make Colorado a "hub of U.S. bionics development". Kerry Hicks and Javier Vergne-Morell of KMG, Mark Lupa of High Country Venture, and Kevin M. Smith of CID4 will all join the company's board as part of the funding.