Filtrie Aims At Filtering Out Racy TV Ads

Tired of your family seeing racy ads for lingerie, beer, and other products on TV? A new, Salt Lake City startup, Filtrie says it has launched a new system which lets consumers filter out objectionable content in television advertising, while also helping advertisers better target users. According to the startup, led by Jim Birch, it allows consumers to limit the ads they see while watching content from cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, and DVR, via a mobile app, tied to their television. The company--which says it is in beta, and hoping to have first consumer implementation by the end of the year--is not the first in the region to try to shape the content being shown in your living room (remember CleanFlicks, Family Flicks, and ClearPlay?). However, it's the first targeting ads. The company says it want to let consumers control advetising to "meet their interests, values, and tastes."