TOP NEWS Launches "Hot or Not" For Handbags

In online-dating-meets-shopping, Denver-based online retailer eBags has taken a page from the popularity of such mobile applications like Tinder and sites like HotOrNot, and created a new feature which lets its shoppers "love it" or "leave it" when looking at handbags. The app lets users swipe right if they love it, and swipe left if not, and help sort through all of the different kinds of handbags that eBags sells. The online retailer said the new feature came specifically because of the popularity of those online dating applications. Mobile dating apps like Tinder--and its dozens of competitors--all focus on at-a-glance rating of people's profile pictures to set up "matches" for things like dates and hookups.'s feature--unlike those dating apps--undoubtedly will result in less lousy dating experiences and post-hookup regrets.